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  1. I’m not so familiar with the bands, but the great pyramids of course! Amazing scene there. And great that you and your 20 year old daughter can share so many cool things.

    • Thanks Mike. I thank the cosmos every day for the fact that my kids are still down to hang with Dad on occasion. Nothing better!

      • How many kids do you have? (None over here)

        • Just my daughter and her big brother (24 years old). Big brother has been totally corrupted by me; our first concert together was Jethro Tull and our most recent Steel Panther, with Slayer, Motorhead, Ace Frehley, and many others sprinkled in between.

  2. Really like that Sólstafir album myself and missed the chance to see them last year (which I am now more gutted about). Tremendous amount of space and atmosphere created on record that I can only imagine sounds way more intense live.

    • Exactly! Sólstafir is not much of a “visual” experience live, but hearing that space and atmosphere on a so much larger scale, coupled with the muted light and unique “aura” emanating from the band up on stage was indeed intense. Not for everybody maybe, but definitely for me.

  3. If young adult children are still keen (or at least willing!) to hang out with a parent, I reckon that it is the only evidence you need that something – at least something – has been done right. Good ol’ cosmos, eh?

    Enjoyed the clip. Less strange and unfamiliar than I’d expected – sort of like a chilly, heavy, Bon Jovi. Like the sense of expansiveness a lot. Is that really a banjo?

    • Thanks, VC. I reckon the cosmos are highly, albeit humbly, appreciative of your reckoning.

      Yep, a banjo! He only used it for that one portion of that one song at our show, but it was a cool moment. I’m intrigued with the Bon Jovi comparison and wondering if it goes beyond the “Western cool” style. I ask because I’m the guy who has suggested that I hear some (chilly, heavy) Franz Ferdinand tucked away in parts of Sólstafir’s Ótta album (not necessarily in the song in the clip though).

      • Although I lost track of sub- (and sub- sub-) genres ages ago, I sort of get what you mean. I also liked that they gave themselves time to stretch out and explore the song. (Did I say that already? It’s too early!)

  4. I really enjoyed this post, both musically and otherwise. Both my teenage kids think my wife and I are the oldest, uncoolest, most embarrassing people to have ever walked the Earth. It’s a stage I’m sure.

    I really liked the clip too, I always assumed they’d be too heavy for me. Do you know/like Godspeed You! Black Emporer? I hear real similarities with their first LP there.

    • Yes, yes, a stage, absolutely. I’m sure the two of you will rediscover your youth, cool and social skills shortly!

      I must admit I’ve only sampled tiny bits of GY!BE when you’ve written about them, and never sufficiently to truly develop a sense of them. This comment intrigues however, so I think I’m going to seek out F♯ A♯ ∞ on the streams and see what’s what with their “anarcho classical stew.”

      • It can be a very tasty stew, regardless of how seriously you take their politics. F# is exactly the right place to start too. Let me know what you think.

        They’re 15 and 13, so probably a few years to go yet. I’ll just hide away and play with my Lego until then.

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