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The Beauty in Bleak: Embracing My Dying Bride

March 30, 2013

As an accompaniment to pitch black or candlelit tread-milling, it is hard to imagine a more effective conveyance.  Within minutes your consciousness is transported into a land of perpetual night, foggy-marsh stone castles, and loam-covered knolls.  The castles host a maze of shadowy passageways lit by flickering torches, a few wrought iron adornments affixed to otherwise bare walls.  You instinctively make your way towards the faint glimpses of a ghostly maiden that tease your peripheral vision in the twilight.  Her flowing hair, flowing gown, and flowing desire tantalize you, but she is continually beyond reach, not in mocking but rather sharing despair at the futility of your attempts to join her.  With each failure, your need for her grows until you can think of nothing else.  Only she matters.  You sense an inexplicable yet timeless connection.  You can discern not where or when but you know that you were are soul mates.

She has been taken from you unjustly and your love, no that’s not strong enough, your longing for her is all-encompassing.  Eventually you realize that she is being kept from you by otherworldly powers against which you have neither recourse nor remedy.  They care not for your suffering.  Your desperate pleas for compassion fall on deaf ears.  Despite the bottomless depths of your anguish, to them you are naught but an insignificant midge, unworthy of even a moment’s thought.  You cast yourself to the stone floor in hopelessness, doomed to forever haunt these nocturnal halls and hills with your beloved just beyond your grasp.  You yearn for Death to take pity and end your torment, but it will never be.  Your sorrow is eternal.  You are crushingly alone, with no one to lament your circumstance nor even to take pleasure at your woe.  You are inconsequential, and yet your pain fills the universe.  Please. End. This.

Such is the awesome splendor of English doom metal band My Dying Bride.  Their music is the perfect soundtrack for solitude, albeit not the reassuring solitude of sunny forests filled with chirping birds and gleaming, dew-covered leaves.  This is music for dark, lonely rooms and extended solo road trips through desolate landscapes.  This is music through which to escape the misery of one’s own earthly isolation by subsiding into the deeper, blanketing gloom of the vast, empty cosmos.

Joy is to be found here; the joy of recognizing one’s own utter irrelevance, the joy of realizing that there is no greater scheme, the joy of seeing that one’s personal suffering, while wholly unavoidable, serves no larger purpose.  My Dying Bride represents liberation from the shackles of hope.  There is true, boundless beauty in the abyss.  Come. Join. Us.

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  1. Anonymous permalink

    Very nice.

  2. Great, enigmatic band! I still haven’t caught up with their new album but your post has put me in the mood to finally pick it up.

    • Man, I’m embarrassed to admit that your comment sent me looking and it turns out I’m THREE albums behind on the band. I’ve got to get myself caught up and fast methinks as I’m going to see My Dying Bride, along with a slew of other great bands, at a festival in Santiago, Chile, this coming weekend. Here’s a link in case you’re passing through South America in coming days (smile): []

      • Hahaha not sure I’ll be passing through South America any time soon (unfortunately!). Hope you enjoy the festival! Let me know what you think of MDB and any other bands you see there. I’ve only seen MDB once, down in London.

        I’m a bit behind on their albums too… it’s tough liking so many bands!

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